Detailing Tip Tuesday

Wiping Patterns Made Simple

Nick Croft

What does your wiping technique look like? I'd bet that 9/10 of you reading this are using an improper technique that is causing you to miss spots, and clean your airplane slowly.

The Improper Technique

First off, you likely aren't using the folding technique that I outlined in my blog few weeks back. As a brief reminder, you should first take the tag off, and then fold your soft microfibre towel in half twice. The third mistake you may be making is wiping in a completely random pattern, making it very difficult to see potential missed spots. The knock on effect is an airplane that is still left contaminated when you go to polish it, making the defects even worse!

The proper technique

This is so simple, yet effective, and it makes you feel like an absolute pro. To ensure you don't miss any spots while cleaning your airplane, follow these two steps

  1. Pick a small area to work in, consider choosing a quadrant based on rivet lines. This way you know your workspace
  1. Wipe in sequential patterns, choosing left to right, or up and down (depending on airflow).

It's a small difference, but it helps you move quickly and concisely without missing any spots on your aircraft .

For more detailing tips, or to pick my mind, feel free to get in touch!

Happy flying!

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