Detailing Tip Tuesday

Rag Management

Nick Croft

What am I doing wrong with my towel?

A common simple mistake I see with the average aircraft owner / pilot is doing one of two things:

  1. Laying the whole towel out flat and wiping with your palm
  2. Scrunching up the towel

The first is not a problem if you have unlimited towels at your disposal. Because you only have two sides at your disposal, it makes it difficult to have any clean sides (as you essentially only have two sides. Having clean sides is really important so that you don't risk dragging dirt and contaminants across your clean paint.

The second error of scrunching up the towel makes it very difficult to cover and wipe the aircraft surface uniformly so you don't miss any spots. It is paramount that we take as much care as possible to ensure that the surface is cleaned properly, so that if we decide to polish we aren't simply pushing dirt into the paint.

How to fold your microfibre

The technique that will save you many microfibres, and make your life much easier is extremely simple.

  1. Neatly fold the towel in half
  2. Again, neatly fold the towel in half again so you are left with a square.

Yes... it's that simple, and yes it makes a difference.

Doing it this way leaves you with 8 clean sides, that you can conveniently flip as one side gets visibly dirty, ensuring you are contaminating needlessly.

Final thoughts

This tip takes you just 2 seconds to use, and helps you clean more effectively, and also saves you some microfibre towels.


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