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Aircraft Interior Cleaning Made Easier (and safer)!

Nick Croft

Save time, effort and a new instrument panel!

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your aircraft, I know that the temptation is to douse the instrument panel, and side panels with your interior cleaning products of choice. Whilst it seems like the easiest option, you're making far more work for yourself, and you may even damage your interior while you're at it.

This article will discuss a quick tip to help you clean the interior of your airplane much more thoughtfully, and quickly.

Don't do this when cleaning your airplanes interior

The most typical thing I see among car and aircraft owners is to go on a spraying frenzy with your detail spray of choice until the interior is dripping.

Here are three reasons why this is not a great technique

1) You create more work for yourself

When you spray wildly inside the cockpit, those cleaning particles are being misted into places that you aren't intending for them to go. It's not uncommon for them to end up on the inside of the windscreen, and onto instrument faces. If they are left to dry, they create a haze that is dangerous to fly with, but also it's more work for you to clean off!

2) You can damage your aircraft interior

Again, when you spray the product in the cockpit, it can end up on places it shouldn't, like the sensitive glass on classic steam gauges, and on your glass panels. In many cases, they have a specific coating to protect against UV and general wear and tear. If you use the wrong product, you can easily damage the instrument face and

3) Think about your health!

If you do decide to spray wildly in the cockpit, be prepared to inhale a lot of chemicals that are listed on the back of the product sheet that you probably can't pronounce. These cleaning products are filled with incredible cleaning agents, however they come at the cost of jeopardizing your health, consider wearing a mask, wearing gloves, and safety glasses. You may also want to read on to finish reading what my top tip is.

The best aircraft interior cleaning tip

I realize that I have probably scared you about spraying your detailing products across the instrument panel incase it damages the instruments, so what should you do? 

It's quite simple, but heavily under-utilized. To limit the amount of spray in the cockpit, I fold my microfibre interior cleaning towel into four sections, stand outside of the cockpit, and spray my cleaning agents into the towel. After that, you are free to easily clean your interior surfaces under control, and also prevent any unnecessary damage to instruments or your health.

You can watch a video demonstration here

If you simply don't want to do this on your own, feel free to reach out and we can help you out!

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